Contents Memento nostri, beate Ioseph
Be mindful of us, O Blessed Joseph

Written by St. Bernardine of Siena (1380-1444, feast May 20th). The prayer appears at the end of his writings in the Office of the Readings for the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19).

MEMENTO nostri, beate Ioseph, et tuae orationis suffragio apud tuum putativum Filium intercede; sed et beatissimam Virginem Sponsam tuam nobis propitiam redde, quae Mater est Eius, qui cum Patre et Spiritu Sancto vivit et regnat per infinita saecula saeculorum. Amen. BE mindful of us, O Blessed Joseph, and intercede for us with thy foster-Son by the pleading of thy prayer: do thou, in like manner, render the blessed Virgin Mary, thy Spouse, gracious unto us, for she is the Mother of Him, who with the Father and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth world without end. Amen.

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